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Steve is a passionate and highly motivational speaker, writer and teacher, and one of few Australian photographers who can look back over five-plus decades of photography across a range of Australian social and natural history subjects. Steve pioneered underwater photography in Australia and now manages the largest and most comprehensive privately owned photographic library in the nation; it is from this vast resource that he has created his projects. While many of his featured images are now iconic, others are being seen here in this gallery for the first time.

He first started publishing in dive magazines in Australia and New Zealand at the age of 18. Since then, Steve has shared his work with the Australian community through thousands of publications, talks, exhibitions, and public events. In 1985, he launched the signature brand Steve Parish Publishing. Over thirty years, it became a significant award-winning multimillion-dollar business, employing 125 staff with a sales and distribution network that serviced over 3500 accounts. In 2012, the company was sold to Pascal Press, Sydney. Steve retained and continues to build, his library that contains in excess of 700,000 images. Steve’s iconic publications continue after 35 years in print – a massive body of work for which he received an Order of Australia in 2008 for his contribution to the publishing industry through the publication of Australian natural and social history.

Today, Steve resides in the Blackall Range on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, where he and his partner are building a self-sustaining family community. From his ‘studio man-shed,’ he steers his new company, Steve Parish – Nature Connect, an internet portal that offers library services, decor, training and teaching Australia-wide. His creative life purpose to ‘inspire others to regard the natural world as essential to spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing’ continues unchanged since he wrote in it the Kimberley in 1984.

About Steve Parish – Nature Connect

About The Art


The company activities are designed to illustrate our philosophy and to raise awareness of our place in the natural world.

Via A Web Portal we host:

  • Nature Connect teaching, speaking and training – online and physical workshops and masterclasses structured around an extensive program – Photography: A Pathway to Purpose.
  • Nature Connect Publication Development – working with Australian Publishers in the production of a vast range of Australian social and natural history publications across a range of categories for all ages.
  • Nature Connect Photography and Stock Library – field photography and the sales of stock images.
  • Nature Connect Art – corporate and home decor wall prints.


The fundamental concept of nature connection is the single most important issue of our time.

Why is this an issue? Nature connection is a state of mind. Accepting that we are intrinsically part of nature, rather than the apex species on the pyramid, will result in empathy for the remaining ecology surrounding us. For without the basic elements of sun, air, water, and soil we would cease to exist.

As basic a concept as it is, it could be argued that the importance of nature connection is rarely if ever, brought into conscious thought by the greater proportion of people. Society can be separatist in its thinking and many believe that their lives are lived apart from ‘the natural world’. Through its many avenues, especially online, Nature Connect strives to ‘inspire others to regard the natural world as essential to spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing’


Through the media of visual arts, verbal and written expression; to enhance lives to a beneficial and sustained connection with Nature for the wellbeing of all.


To enhance peoples lives through:

  • Covering the walls of the world with Steve’s fine art photography
  • Impassioning audiences through events on creative expression, ‘your heart, your vision, your project’
  • Offering Nature-related gifts in the webshop


  • Creating (To ‘be at one’ in the moment with Self/Others/Spirit/Nature)
  • Joyful Passion (For exhilaration, excitement, challenge, optimal personal fun and fulfillment in both work and play)
  • Abundance (“Wealth in all forms” and implies profit for all including Nature which is the ultimate source of all wealth)
  • Inspiring (To light a fire in others)
  • Connecting (Storytelling, sharing, communicating about nature)
  • Aspiring (To set standards in our field, quality and all we do towards something greater)
  • Balance (Synergy among all forms of life. Implies sustainability and ethics, with an obvious extension to business/relationships.)